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Blink Warranty: Your Hassle-Free Assurance

Explore Our Comprehensive Warranty Coverage:

1. Comprehensive Protection:

Enjoy peace of mind with Blink's warranty, guarding against defects in materials and workmanship post-purchase. Selected items come with a generous 12-month warranty within the UAE.

2. Accessories Included:

With exceptions for Apple products (covered for 1 year), our warranty extends to various electronic accessories for a reliable 6-month period from the delivery date.

3. Easy Claim Process:

Our streamlined claims process ensures a hassle-free experience. Provide the necessary details, and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring swift repairs or replacements.

4. Authorized Repairs:

Trust in our network of authorized service centers for all repairs. If your purchase was made through a different seller, their unique warranty terms will apply.

5. Invoice Verification:

Keep your original invoice handy; it's your ticket to seamless service. The invoice validates your warranty period and serial number for swift assistance.

6. Timely Repairs:

For products under warranty, expect repairs to be completed within 30 working days, from pick-up to dispatch. We value your time and aim for swift resolutions.

7. Verified Products:

Not all products are equal, and neither are their warranties. Always check the product listing to ensure your item qualifies for our warranty benefits.

8. Clear Limitations:

Understand the boundaries of our warranty. Repairs or replacements don’t extend the original warranty period; the terms align with your device manufacturer's specifications.

9. Hassle-Free Solutions:

If your item can’t be repaired under warranty, we offer hassle-free solutions – a replacement from the same seller or a full refund, ensuring your satisfaction.

10. Packaging Care:

To ensure your item’s safety during transit, please pack it securely. Inadequate packaging - leading to damage voids the warranty, so make sure it's packed with care.

11. Third-Party Sellers:

Warranty services provided by sellers other than Blink fall under their jurisdiction. This includes repair quality and spare part availability. For inquiries or complaints, contact

12. Additional Charges:

Some service centers may propose charges for out-of-warranty items if repair services are declined. Stay informed and make the right choice for your device.

  • Your Contact Details: Rest assured, your name, email, and return address will only be shared with the authorized repair vendor as required, adhering to all relevant data protection legislation.
  • Special Note on Product Misuse: Please be aware that warranty coverage does not extend to damages caused by misuse, liquid spills, unauthorized repairs, or usage for unintended purposes.
  • At Blink, we prioritize your satisfaction and aim for transparency at every step. Trust us for a worry-free ownership experience. Your tech deserves the best, and so do you!